The name behind Chavarri is deeply inspired by the previous ancestors of the artist. Sophia is a multi-media artist with studies in fine arts and fashion design. She spends her time finding inspiration in nature, the streets of NYC, vintage man made objects, and her Latin cultural background. Everything she makes is self sourced and hand made with great craftsmanship from years of practice. Chavarri is not a brand but a single artist expressing under a Mexican/Guatemalan family name. 


Chavarri embodies a nostalgic homage to 90s modernism, celebrating the harmony of simplicity and meticulous detailing while elevating the tactile experience through the use of raw, natural materials transformed into ethereal treasures. Our jewelry romanticizes the art of e-waste repurposing, orchestrating intentional arrangements that nod to a futuristic perspective.

Within our designs, there's a dialogue between sleek silhouettes and tangible elements, creating a dynamic interplay that celebrates the innate beauty of the human form while highlighting the role of fabrics and unconventional materials. This deliberate fusion reflects our dedication to balancing strength and vulnerability, encouraging viewers to explore the multifaceted nature of our pieces. Each item meticulously orchestrates this fusion, resulting in a harmonious synthesis that embodies our brand's ethos of timeless pieces with a clean futuristic twist. Through this curated approach, we aim to evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue, inviting wearers to embark on a journey of self-expression and discovery.