Crafting with Circuitboards

With a curiosity for innovation, I embarked on a journey to reimagine old and unconventional materials into objects of beauty. In 2020, my personal exploration led me to experiment with vintage dead-stock circuitboards. Personally sourced circuitboards along the East Coast dating from the 1970s to the 1990s. The allure of these materials lies in their hues, authentic sterling silver, and intricate designs. Each decade bore distinct patterns, reflecting the evolving electrical needs of its time.

The incorporation of such materials epitomizes the ethos of Chavarri—a world where futurism converges with apocalyptic lore. While the beauty inherent in these discarded items is undeniable, it remains imperative to acknowledge the significance of repurposing materials. This practice is not merely an aesthetic choice but a profound commitment to sustainability, underscoring our dedication to responsible craftsmanship.