I CAN BREATHE Summer 23'

I CAN BREATHE embodies a nostalgic homage to 90s modernism, celebrating the harmony of simplicity and meticulous detailing. This capsule elevates the tactile experience by embracing raw, natural materials, transforming them into ethereal treasures. Each piece romanticizes the art of e-waste repurposing, orchestrating intentional arrangements that nod to a futuristic perspective.

The juxtaposition of sleek silhouettes and translucent elements crafts a dialogue between strength and vulnerability, celebrating the innate beauty of the human form.

The Halo Star Hairpin, born out of necessity, serves as an effortless statement piece for binding hair with grace. Handmade with ethical practices, it features buffalo parts sourced sustainably, manifesting a timeless treasure that transcends fleeting trends.

Photographer: Michelle Corvino @m.corvino
Model:  Jada Jarvis @jadabluee
Stylist: Marita @2xzst_
Assistant: Ellis Cruz @thegoldgrinch
Tattoo artist: @capsixe
Graphics: Christopher Cote @anewheavenandanewearth